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Relax and Rejuvenate with Different Massage Types

Come unwind and recharge at 2 Birds Tuina Spa, where our skilled therapists provide a range of personalized services to meet your specific needs. Our massage types uniquely include tuina therapy with oil and deep tissue therapy, as well as hot stones and cupping for maximum healing benefits.

We recognize that each individual is distinct and therefore customize our massages for busy professionals, athletes, parents, older people, and every individual case. Below are our tuina therapy options, and in the following, we will address common inquiries and explain how frequent massages can improve your overall health and wellness.

A man getting a back massage from a therapist on a massage table.

Tuina with Oil

Tuina with oil therapy is excellent for relieving stress, tension, and minor pains in your body. It’s a great option for your regular therapy sessions.

$50 – 30min
$70 – 60min
$100 – 90min


A cupping therapist adds suction cups to your therapy to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation for improved health.

$50 – 30 min
$20 – add-on

Deep Tissue with Hot Stones

Deep tissue with hot stone therapy provides reliable relief for intense, abnormal, or deep pains.

$60 – 30min
$90 – 60min
$130 – 90min

What Are The Different Forms of Massages Available?

There are many types of massages with different techniques and advantages. Some of the most popular types are tuina massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage, combinable with cupping. It’s crucial to choose the type of massage that fits your needs and preferences.

The Pricing Guide for 2 Birds Tuina Spa’s Services

At 2 Birds Tuina Spa, we offer a variety of massage services at reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent value for their money. We have a range of options to choose from, including tuina, deep tissue massage, and cupping. You can enjoy the benefits of professional massage therapy without worrying about the cost. Check out our pricing menu to find the perfect massage treatment that fits your budget and schedule. Our affordable rates ensure that you can experience the healing power of massage therapy without any financial stress.

Understanding the Value of Your Investment in Tuina Therapy

Tuina therapy is a great way to invest in your health and well-being. When you receive tuina regularly, it can help prevent future injuries and promote a healthier lifestyle. Tuina offers more than just relaxation, as it can improve your muscle flexibility and joint mobility. It’s important to remember the long-term benefits of investing in regular tuina sessions for both your physical and mental health. Making tuina a part of your self-care routine can positively impact your quality of life and overall wellness. So, prioritize your well-being by incorporating tuina into your regular routine.

Exploring 2 Birds’ Menu

Come to 2 Birds Tuina Spa to experience a variety of treatments. Our tuina therapy with oil combines Chinese techniques and organic oils to rejuvenate your body. You can also try our deep tissue massage to release intense muscle tension, or our cupping therapy to improve blood flow and promote healing. And for ultimate relaxation, our hot stone massage soothes muscles and reduces stress – it’s always included! Our menu is designed to nurture your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Our expert therapists offer an unforgettable experience, whether you need pain relief or just want to unwind. So, come on in and let us help you relax and rejuvenate!

A person receiving a massage with organic oil being poured on back between the therapist's fingers.
A woman getting a back massage with oil at a spa with candles around her.

The Unique Elements of Tuina Therapy with Oil

Come to our spa and experience the amazing benefits of tuina therapy with oil! This form of massage combines acupressure points and specialized manipulation techniques to promote energy flow and restore balance to your body. Organic oils are used to enhance relaxation and encourage your body’s natural healing process. This massage targets blockages and promotes the flow of qi (energy), which can effectively relieve muscle tightness and improve your overall range of motion. It’s a valuable option for anyone seeking holistic healing and to address any imbalances in the body. So why not try it out for yourself? You’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed in no time!

The Healing Power of Deep Tissue Massage

If you want to ease chronic pain and muscle stiffness, consider deep tissue massage. This technique targets soft tissues and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues to improve mobility and break up scar tissue. It may be uncomfortable during the session, but the long-lasting pain relief makes it worth it. Athletes and active individuals often choose this massage type to enhance their performance and mobility. For a truly invigorating massage experience, consider deep tissue massage. This type of massage uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure or arm pressure to reach the deepest layers of your muscles and tissues. And friction is used to increase blood flow and break down scar tissue within the layers of tissue. It can provide deep relief and make you feel rejuvenated.

A man getting a deep tissue back massage from a therapist in a white shirt with his arm pressing into the man's back.
A woman laying on a bed with her back covered in round, pink, cupping spots on her skin.

The Ancient Practice of Cupping

If you want to relax and rejuvenate, try cupping therapy. This ancient practice involves using suction cups on your skin to release tension, promote blood circulation, remove toxins, and alleviate pain. Although you may have temporary marks on your skin, they will fade over time. Practitioners often use cupping therapy in conjunction with tuina therapy or acupuncture to address muscle pain, respiratory conditions, digestive issues, and back pain. It is believed to help your body heal itself. Make cupping therapy part of your wellness routine for a holistic approach to improving your health and well-being.

Tailoring Tuina Massage to Individual Needs

At 2 Birds Tuina Spa, we know that everyone has unique needs for their tuina massage. We provide a variety of massages to assist with stress, muscle tension, and chronic pain in targeted areas while addressing the whole body. Our therapists will chat with you to understand your preferences. It doesn’t matter if you want a solo or couples massage, we can tailor the massage to meet your objectives. We can use deep tissue or gentle pressure techniques and add things like aromatherapy or hot stone therapy to make your experience even better. Our goal is to give you a personalized massage that helps you feel comfortable and healthy.

A woman getting a massage with a towel and lavender flowers, a bottle of essential oil, and a candle on the table next to her.
A woman is laying on a massage table using a laptop computer while another woman stands behind her and massages her back.

Tuina Massage for Busy Professionals

If you’re a busy professional with limited time for self-care, tuina therapy could be a great option for you. If you sit for long periods at your desk and feel pain in your neck or shoulders, a tuina therapist can help. They are skilled in customizing massages to address specific concerns. Even shorter tuina sessions can provide tremendous benefits, like reducing stress, relieving tension, and improving productivity. To enhance your overall physical and mental well-being, it’s important for busy professionals to consistently prioritize self-care through tuina therapy.

Tuina Massage for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

If you want to improve your physical fitness routine, try adding tuina massage. Tuina massage can ease muscle tension and improve your range of motion. It targets the key muscle groups that undergo a lot of strain during workouts and competitions. Tuina massages can break down knots and tightness by addressing fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds and supports your muscles. This can help improve athletic performance and reduce discomfort caused by sports-related injuries. Another great option is deep tissue massage, which effectively alleviates pain and tension.

A man is laying down with his feet on a massage table and a therapist is massaging his leg.
A middle-aged woman getting a back massage at a spa.

Stress Relief and Relaxation for Parents through Tuina Massage

Parents often feel overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life. Fortunately, tuina therapy offers a much-needed break for relaxation and unwinding. Tuina massage relieves tension in the neck, shoulders, and back – areas commonly affected by parenting tasks – and tailors to the specific needs of parents. It also promotes better sleep quality, reduces insomnia, and improves overall well-being. Deep tissue massage can effectively target chronic pain caused by these tasks. Regular tuina therapy leaves parents feeling re-energized and better able to manage their daily responsibilities.

Pain and Injury Management with Massage

Tuina therapy is an effective tool for managing pain and injuries. By relieving muscle tension and reducing pain, tuina massage can provide much-needed relief. Tuina therapy improves circulation and promotes healing of injured tissues. And tuina massage can enhance the range of motion and flexibility, making it beneficial for injury prevention and recovery. Additionally, deep tissue massage specifically targets tension in muscle fibers, offering relief from chronic pain and certain medical conditions. And regular massage sessions can help prevent future injuries and reduce overall pain and discomfort.

A woman wrapped in a white towel is getting a leg massage at a spa on a massage table.
An elderly man and woman in the background getting back massages in a spa room with candles around.

The Benefits of Tuina Massage for Older People

Tuina therapy offers numerous benefits for older people. Our skilled therapists can tailor a safe and effective massage to your specific needs using light pressure techniques. Not only does massage alleviate pain and reduce anxiety, but it also improves overall well-being. Older people can benefit from improved circulation, flexibility, and muscle tone through regular massages. Additionally, tuina massage has shown positive effects on sleep patterns, promoting better rest, and overall wellness. Making tuina therapy a part of one’s routine can enhance flexibility and joint mobility for the older people.

The Gift of Wellness: Tuina Massage as a Gift Option

Treat your loved ones to the gift of wellness with a thoughtful and unique present – a massage gift certificate. Show them that you care about their well-being by pampering them with a personalized tuina massage experience tailored to their needs. If you want to help someone relax or relieve pain or soreness, tuina massage is a great gift idea. Remember to purchase a gift certificate for a reputable spa to ensure a high-quality experience. Give the gift of wellness and make someone’s day special.

A man and woman on white massage tables receiving a massage.
A basket filled with spa products and rosemary.

Ways to Make Your Tuina Massage Gift Extra Special

Enhance the overall massage experience by choosing a spa with a relaxing ambiance. Make the gift more meaningful by adding a personalized note or special message. Consider giving a gift basket with massage-related items like candles, lotions, or essential oils. Booking a couples massage can help you and your loved one spend quality time together while enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Another option is gifting someone a couples massage or a package for multiple sessions. These thoughtful gestures will make the tuina massage gift extra special and show that you truly care about their well-being.

Understanding the Basics of Massage

Massage technique range widely, each with its own unique benefits. From tuina massage to hot stone massage, sports massage, reflexology, Swedish massage (using long strokes), Thai massage (including yoga-like stretching), shiatsu massage (using the therapist’s knuckles and elbow), ashiatsu (using the feet to massage), trigger point massage, lymphatic drainage massage (targeting lymph nodes within the lymphatic system), aromatherapy massage, chair massage (skipping the massage table), prenatal massage, craniosacral therapy, and deep tissue therapy, there is a type of massage for everyone. Hot stone massage involves the use of heated stones to release tension and improve circulation. One rapidly trending option is tuina massage, an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on restoring balance and promoting overall wellness.

Oils and candles with a towel and orchid beside.
A man getting a hot stone massage on his back.

The Role of Tuina Massage in Wellness

Tuina massage plays a crucial role in enhancing overall wellness and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Tuina therapy has shown promising results in managing chronic pain conditions and alleviating headaches and migraines. Regular tuina sessions not only improve blood flow but also reduce stress levels, promoting a sense of relaxation and balance. By integrating tuina into your wellness routine, you can take significant steps towards achieving a healthier and happier life.

The Importance of Regular Tuina Massage for Optimal Health

Regular tuina massages are essential for maintaining overall health and well-being. They reduce stress, promote better sleep, release muscle tension, and improve flexibility. This benefits active individuals and athletes by preventing injuries and enhancing performance. Tuina also stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, making it effective for managing chronic pain. Additionally, tuina massage has a positive impact on mental well-being by calming the mind and promoting relaxation. Incorporating regular massages into your wellness routine enhances physical and mental performance, enabling you to thrive in all aspects of life.

Experience the long-term benefits of regular massages and enjoy a healthier, more balanced life.

An athletic man and woman posing for a picture in a gym with a ball and a barbell in front of them.
An older woman holding her lower back, artificially glowing red with pain, with her hands on her hips and a laptop in the background.

Scheduling Your Massage: Frequency Recommendations

When it comes to scheduling your massage, the frequency of sessions depends on your individual needs and goals. For those looking for general relaxation and maintenance, monthly massages can be beneficial. However, if you’re seeking pain management or injury recovery, more frequent sessions may be necessary. It’s important to consult with your tuina therapist to determine the optimal frequency for your specific situation. Additionally, remember to adjust your massage schedule based on your body’s response and ongoing wellness goals.

Making Tuina Massage a Part of Your Wellness Routine

Incorporating regular massage sessions into your self-care routine is essential for optimal wellness. It’s important to find a massage therapist who understands your specific needs and preferences. Scheduling massages in advance ensures consistency in your wellness routine. Experimenting with different types of massage, such as tuina therapy or ashiatsu, can help you find what works best for you. Make massage a part of your wellness plan to improve your physical and mental health. By prioritizing your well-being and trying out different types of massage, you can experience the many benefits it offers.

A woman and a man in the background getting a back massage at a spa.

Tuina Therapy Options for You

Tuina therapy offers a variety of benefits for everyone’s unique needs. If you want to relax, manage injuries, or add tuina massage to your wellness routine, 2 Birds Tuina Spa has got you covered. Our experienced therapists provide personalized and rejuvenating experiences. Tuina also makes a wonderful gift for loved ones.

Take the first step towards improving your well-being and schedule your appointment today.

Your body deserves it!

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