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2 Birds Tuina Spa Launches Couples Tuina Massage

2 Birds Tuina Spa Welcomes Our Newest Team Member and Launches Couples Tuina Massage We are thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter for 2 Birds Tuina Spa! Our team is growing and we couldn't be happier to welcome our newest tuina therapist. With this addition, we...

The Grand Opening of 2 Birds Tuina Spa!

The Grand Opening of 2 Birds Tuina Spa!

The Grand Opening of 2 Birds Tuina Spa!On this lovely sunny day, we celebrate 2 Birds Tuina Spa’s grand opening in Whitinsville. Visit us and enjoy complimentary gourmet chocolates and sparkling water prepared specially for you, while supplies last! Our mission is to...

2 Birds Tuina Spa is Officially Open!

2 Birds Tuina Spa is Officially Open!Our highly trained tuina therapists warmly welcome you to our spa to relieve your tensions, aches, and pains.Your body, just like a car, needs regular maintenance to perform at top performance. Are you experiencing pain or...


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